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Tegola Canadese is the leading manufacturer of bituminous shingles in Europe , with a market share of 47%.  Every day in Vittorio Veneto Tegola Canadese manufactures 80,000 sqm of bituminous shingles and tiles, which correspond to approx. 400 roofs of average dimensions: in other words we manufacture one roof every 2.5 minutes. Tegola Canadese also supplies complete roofing systems, i.e. bituminous shingles, tiles, waterproofing membranes, roof accessories, roof ventilation systems and roof skylights. Roofing systems  of Tegola Canadese are complete and are tested and installed all over the world.  Tegola Canadese  avails ourselves of a network of agents, importers and distributors in over 70 countries;  also have trading companies in Poland, Rumania, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia-Croatia, Brazil, China and the USA. And We can note trading company of Tegola Canadese which is situated in Azerbaijan (Baku). This is “AD Construction” company. This company is begun his work in 2006  and  take  big position in Azerbaijan market. “AD construction” company is the representative of Tegola Canadese in Azerbaijan.

Tegola Canadese is manufactured the widest and most prestigious range of asphalt shingles available on the market. Thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic features, shingles of Tegola Canadese meet any design requirement and offer exceptional weather resistance and a long maintenance-free life. Moreover, they are fast and easy to install : valuable benefits for life in the third millennium. All roofs made with granule-coated asphalt shingles are exclusive because of their unusual shapes and shades of colour. Granule-coated shingles were the first asphalt shingles to be produced in  plants.

Metal tiles includes Prestige copper tiles, Prestige Antique tiles in  "green copper" (copper with green patina), Prestige Gold  copper tiles coated with gold, Prestige Star copper tiles "brilliant", Prestige ZT tiles in zinc-titanium.Tegosolar is the photovoltaic tile that fits perfectly in a roof made both of metal tiles and shingles creating the "Tegola Canadese Photovoltaic Roof"


Company: AD CONSTRUCTION (Other products)
Price: By agreement
Phone: +99412 5672944, +99470 2141614, +994506240224
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan Skype: yanaadplus;
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