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EVIM Isolation

Our company has finished many projects in high level from its creation up to this day with professional experienced staff and essential purchasing and equipment in insulation market. Our company serves to the professional construction companies and collaborates with them.

Priority to the quality and customer satisfaction, carrying out the works in time and with high quality increase confidence to our firm even greater.

Our firm aims solving financial problems by making creative works and also analyzing the project and objects of work, dividing works in a plan and learning every plan with all point.

World developed countries have been carrying out construction standards related with energy sufficient since 1970s.From now on, the whole world uses these standards that reduce energy sufficient maximum % 60. 

Ecological and atmospheric condition of our country made us think about requirement of using insulation materials in construction of our buildings. 

“Evim Construction & Insulation”  offers engineer and workers trained to focus on using products properly and simply. These workers are professionals on selecting  proper products based on characteristic features of the place that will be insulated ,giving technical support on all materials and solving deficiencies in that area. We determine our own developing strategy as your demands and idea and we are pleased to serve you…



Geomembrane, PVC Waterproof Band, Geotextile, Polymeric Bituminous Cover, Stroton Corner-Part Material, Termoboard, Stroton Asmolen Panel, EPS, XPS, Rock Wool, Glass Wool

Metal Panels and epoxy, poliuretan




Phone: (+99412) 493 32 03, (+99412) 493 32 05, (+99412) 498 05 64
Fax: (+99412) 498 72 97
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan, F.Amirov Str., 10


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